Case medium stockman 3318CV

Nov 26, 2006
Got a Case 3318CV via mail order today. It is very well made, no gaps, blades fits well, and good snap. The only thing I didn't like about it was that the handles and bolsters were flat as a board. The bolsters actually had sharp edges. Before doing anything else, I put it on the buffing wheel and rounded the bolsters. It helped the looks of the knife a lot and made it pocket friendly. The knives that are in the pictures appear to have rounded edges on the bolsters, but this one didn't (does now). I then whetted off the factory blade edge. All three blades seemed to take a good edge. The metal seems a little softer than my old german eye, but expected that. I think it is going to be a good knife. Have to carry it a few weeks to make sure. What I can tell so far, the CV steel sure does beat the Case stainless for taking an edge. Wonder if anyone else has noticed the lack of contour on the bolsters of Case knives. Maybe it was just because I had one of the cheaper models.