Case Mini Copperlock

Oct 17, 1999
I just took delivery of a new Case Mini-Copperlock Pocket Worn knife with green bone scales (model 818). It was $38.75 from Grand Prairie Knives.

The knife is truly beautiful if you like that sort of thing, which I do, and features top-notch fit and finish. In fact it has better fit and finish than other, much more expensive knives I have. It's also very solid, with a strong lock and zero blade play.

The scales are of green-dyed jigged cattle bone, and are the classic old-time green, not the garish emerald green shown in Case's catalog. The blade and bolsters are highly polished stainless steel, and the liners are polished brass. My only complaint here is that the bolsters are of a soft grade of stainless steel and are already quite scuffed after only a day.

The blade is a 2 1/2" long swedged clip-point made from what they call "Tru-Sharp Surgical Stainless", which is 420 I believe. It was a little rough out of the box, but a few minutes with the ceramic sticks created a hair-popping edge. I don't know how long it will hold that edge, but at least it will take one. The handle is 3 5/8" long.

This little Case now becomes my everyday carry knife, replacing my Benchmade Pinnacle, and I will probably pick up some of the other variations, like the yellow composition model, the stag model, or even the blue bone model.
Hey, I'm glad to hear of your latest purchase. I just received a Mini Copperhead in Natural Jigged Bone (#283). What is unique about it is that the main blade is a Wharncliffe. Kinda cool. Your post is timely as I have been contemplating which mini copperlock to purchase next and I'm debating a stag, yellow and now possibly a green pocketworn! Decisions, decisions!
I have one too and love it. A gift from my dear wife. But, I think those bolsters are copper-nickel.
actually the bolsters are nickel silver!....and like all nickel silver they will scratch and scuff, and tarnish!!
I am so excited about the deal I just got from Lowe's (Home Improvement Store). I heard somewhere in this forum that Lowe's carried Case knives. Because I live on the West Coast Lowe's are fairly new out here. Anyway, I found one near my work in Westminster CA and checked out their supply of Case knives. I couldn't believe what I found--they had the STAG handled Mini Copperlock on CLEARANCE for $34.00. I scooped one up right away and they had about 6 more behind the display case. Just thought I'd let you all know.

Thanks jh! Nickel silver, yeah, that's what I meant. At the end of the day, when my bolsters have tarnished a little from handling, I use my wife's silver polishing cloth to touch them up.

I looked nickel silver up in the dictionary, of all places. It is an alloy of copper, zinc and nickel.

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