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Case Muskrat

Case made a lot of different Muskrats since 1847 or so. It could be worth as much as
$1000 or as little as 25 cents. Howzit marked? What condition? What handle material?
Details man!
Thanks for your reply. The knife I found is in fair condition. It has about 9 dots below the Case name.
Nine dots means it's either a 1971 or a 1981 depending on whether the S's in "Case" and "USA" are regular ('70's) or lightning shaped ('80's). A pristine mint 1971 bone handled Muskrat is worth around $70, much less if it has a few spots or other damage.
RICK thanks. Couldu help me on the WWII knife.
It has an interesting history I don'tthink I 2will bore u.