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Case Russlock

Jul 29, 2000
Case Russlock seems odd. Does anyone have any experience with that knife, and Case in general?
Why is Case highly sought after when it comes to collecting? All their knives except the Russlock seems boring. :confused:
I own a Russlock and a few other Case knives. I bought them after seeing a lot of enthusiastic posts on a forum specifically for Case. The hubbub seemed all about handle materials and "patterns". I bought a few to see what they're about. They are extremely pretty, but fit and finish runs hot and cold. It seems they polish them so much to make them shine that the corners end up rounded. Even the blades meant to be pointed are a bit rounded off! They use a relatively low grade of stainless steel which sharpens fairly easy but doesn't hold the edge very well. Their non-stainless (C.V.) is quite a bit better, but is available in limited applications.

As for the Russlock, it is an interesting design, to say the least. It's not available in C.V as far as I know. The blade extension and liner lock work as advertised, though it's a bit clumsy to carry. It's grown on me since I first bought it, and I carry it in the accessory belt pouch for dressier occasions or when I know I'll be around a lot of non-knife folks. It gets a very positive response from sheeple!

Case's niches seem to be non-knife folks who just want a decent looking pocket knife and collectors, who may specialize in one particular pattern, scale material, or vintage.

We have sold Case knives for over 3 decades and without a doubt we see more interest in their line than any other. Many collectors will choose a pattern or two to collect and then search for as many varients as possible. Case knives have the ability to appreciate in value quite readily. I sold a MOP full size trapper with two damascus blades for $185.00 last fall. That same knife is currently listed with a market value of $500.00. I wish my stock broker could do so well. Case has a following much larger than reflected on the forums. Besides, 4 blades could be considered better than one. Regards, Mike www.newgraham.com
Originally posted by Thomas J Ekman
Case Russlock seems odd. Does anyone have any experience with that knife, and Case in general?
Why is Case highly sought after when it comes to collecting? All their knives except the Russlock seems boring. :confused:
Maybe they are boring,but the Case knives with CV blade cut much better than a lot of so-called tactical folders.Although I really like Axis lock,for some application locks seem to me unnecessary.
Ron -- does that accessory belt pouch come with the the Russlock? If so, could you please describe it?

In the last couple years, have gotten a bit more sentimental than I ever used to be. With the help of Jailhack, bought the last year's Case Father/Son knives. A couple blue-handled Copperlocks, one small, the other quite large. The larger one had brass liners and seemed to be a pretty decent knife. However, one side of the pen blade hadn't been sharpened at all. It wasn't supposed to be a chisel ground, they just flat missed doing the whole job.

Anyhow, as hoped, my son chose the larger knife, and left me the little one, which fits easily in the watch/change pocket of my jeans. Both have Wharncliffe main blades. Not very expensively made, but then the price was more than right. Am glad I got them.

I had a single-bladed Case Trapper with carbon steel blade for many years, and thought it was a very good knife. Guess it is different strokes etc.
I bought a Case Split Back Whittler with the Vintage Stag handles last year only because stag was becoming obsolete and I liked the design. When I finally received my knife I was quite happy with the pattern of stag and the fit and finish. It is quite pretty and very sturdy. I carry 3 knives all of the time, the first one is my Emerson Commander and the second is my Mission MPF Titanium Tanto and the third is my Case. I use my Case to cut up apples or whittle sticks for a campfire for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs, it seems a little safer in my hand around kids or my daughter as she is waiting for her roasting stick. The other 2 I use for fighting off vampires and werewolves:)
Bugs, the Russlock doesn't come with the pouch. It is sold separately. They also make a neat little belt pouch for the Copperlock. I picked up one of each at one of the discount internet dealers (don't remember which one, but ck 1SKS, SMKW, to begin with). These are made with thin, nicely finished leather and are stamped with "Copperlock" or "Russlock". They're not expensive, less than $10. I tacked them on to an order for another knife so the shipping wouldn't double the price!

Mr. Dye, I didn't mean to imply there's anything wrong with collecting. It'a just not my cuppa tea. I buy my toys to play with! BTW, I bought my natural bone Russlock from your company. The price and service were excellent!

Ron, we have a lot of folks collecting BM and SC too....they just seem pricey for the average working guy, so many choose Case due to their track record for appreciation. Unfortunately, not all patterns go up in value, so homework is vital. Currently the most interest we are seeing in Case are the Russlocks, Toothpicks, Baby butterbeans(mini-canoe) and of course the full size trapper. And, I am glad you are pleased with the knife! Maybe the Case bug will bite you too. md

While on Russlocks, we got 5 of the 400 produced in MOP from Case..sold for $135.00...now trading well over $200.00 in less than 8 months...and guess what...I did not keep one, so much for my "expertise" boo hoo. md
There's lots of them bugs going around! I been bit by the Case bug, the Spyderco bug, the Buck bug, the Boker bug, the William Henry bug, the TOPS bug and, the most venomous, the "Custom" bug. The MT and Sebie bugs are buzzing around but I've managed to avoid them so far!

Ron, as you know, I am a pharmacist and feel that traditional prescription medications do not have the efficacy to treat your ailment as do our knives.... Body, mind and spirit... ;)
The big brown mobile pharmacy delivered treatments for Condorosis and Buckitis today (Condor folder, Buck 532). Expecting a cure for Marble's syndrome tomorrow. I think I feel a bout of Mad Hen and Rooster Disease coming on now. Can you write a prescription for that?