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Case Select Series

Apr 26, 1999

Hi, I've been around a few years, but I'm new to collecting. I would like to start a collection for my grandson, and would like to know your thoughts/opinions on the Case Slect Series. They look like very good quality knives. What do you think people will be saying about them 15 yrs from now? Thanks for all comments
DAVE795 I also collect case knives and I enjoy them a great deal. To my under standing Case is the most collected brand name knife in the world, some of them go up a great deal in value and some don't. One thing I have learnd is to collect what you like this way if the value of the knife goes up great, and if it does not go up you still have a knife that you like. This year I gave my wife Benchmade 812 for her birthday my 12 year old a Benchmade 820 for his birthday, and my 7 year girl a Case Bubblegum peanut because she likes pink, and my 5 year old boy a Gerber Ultralight LST. I always supervise my kids when they have their knives, other wise they are put out of there reach til the next time we pick them up. Have fun with you grandson collecting. Your fat little buddy in the Texas Panhandle.
Chris, Top of Texas Knives

Chris, Thanks, it will be a few years yet before the grandson gets these, I think they are about the best production knife I've seen. I hear there are not that many places you can get them, but down the road 15 miles is a select dealer. I walked in and saw the display with 16 different knives in it. I was like a kid in a candy store. The dealer even let me check em out with a mag glass. These knives are beautiful. If you get the chance look at them. I can't find much info on them though, like how many selections (are 16 it?), how often are they going to come out? stuff like that. if you hear anything about it let me know. In the meantime, I think I'll get a couple more. Thanks Dave
Dave795 I belive the Case Select are only going to store fronts or at least the large dealers. I was told by one of my wholesale suppliers who also has a store front that they would not have these for me to buy wholesale. Now they do have them in the store front, and I always have to check them out and drull a little.
Chris, Top of Texas Knives

Hi Dave,
I have a Case Select Copperlock and Chris is right, you can only get these from select store from dealers. To get a listing go to the Case web site:
http://www.wrcase.com/ .

I bought mine from Plaza Cutlery in Ca. I like the select series. They have great scales, different tang stamps from the regular Case knives and nickel silver pins, liners and bolsters. They come in a nice soft pouch and the box is nice, too. They're also fairly expensive compared to the standard series Case knives.

My red bone Copperlock is very nice. The locking release button is a little rough on its edge and that is the only complaint I have about it.

You can't find these kives from your favorite net dealer. They sell these knives from some cutlery shops, gas stations and hardware stores and mom and pop drug stores like in the old days.