Mar 29, 1999
Case does it again! I just got a Case Slab-Side Hunter. I saw one once and I thought of getting on, but, like and idiot, I didn't. Anyway, I got the Case 1999 catalog, and I saw that Case had a new series called the Outdoor Knives. The have rosewood handles and the Case Tru-Sharp steel, but that is not what caught my eye. Case has a new shield that they debuted on these knives. It's called the Tent shield. It's really nice, it's also hard to describe, there is a big "C" and then a tent in the back with the front as an "A" and the "SE" on the rest of the tent. I really like the old Bombshell shield, but I think now, I like this one the most. Anyway the slab-side hunter is a really great knife, sharp as a razor right out of the box, and if feels really good in my hand, nice balance and weight. So i recommend if you don't have a Slabe-Side Hunter, get one.