Case V-42 replica

Oct 11, 1998
Hello again everyone!
I was wondering if anyone has any info on this knife.
I am under the impression that Case has just released this edition but I can find salient info on it nowhere. (I even tried Case's website.)
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


They released it for a limited time back in '92, and to my understanding, not since!

I have one and they are a magnificent knife. If you're interested, I'll send you a digital photo. Email me if you're interested.



Ontario Knife Co also makes a version for under $40 bucks. A real workhorse of a knife well worth checking out.
Thanks for the info everyone!
Here is a copy of the reply sent to me by a Case representative:

Yes, we are about to start shipping an exact replica of the 1942 version
of the Special Service Force knife. It will have the exact leather
grooved handle, black matte finished blade, guard, and pommel, a 20" long
leather "hip" sheath, thumbprint tang and be packaged in a detailed box
depicting all of the Special Service Forces Groups and the US and
Canadian Insignias. A certificate of authenticity will accompany the
knife as well.

These are expected to start shipping by mid December. The item # is 1344
and suggested retail is $192.00 (Note... this is suggested retail, you
may find the item priced for less.)

Thank you for your interest.

Cool, eh?
I think I may just know what my next knife is going to be...


The knife is outstanding. The price has certainly gone WAY up. I bought a couple of them when they first re-issued them for $80 each. At that time, it was my understanding that it would be a very limited re-issue, so I'm a little disappointed to see them do it again. Oh well.
The thumbprint on this knife fascinates me.
I have a few knives which feel more comfortable and useful in my hand when held with my thumb oriented to the flat of the blade rather than the back or edge. This knife validates that grip concept, and although it seems especially effective with a double-edged knife, it also seems to apply to a single-edged knife in a draw cut, towards the center of the user's body.
Getting back to the V-42, does anyone have any input on the steel in this knife...quality...URL of photo?