Case XX Collectable

Dec 27, 2004
I am trying to find the value of a knife I have. I won it in 1984 from the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsman's Club. It is a Case XX. Its solid pewter commerating the 50th anniversary of the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsman's Club, designed by Shaw-Leibowitz. 1000 were made and I have #0338. The blade is stamped with K1051 LSSP and has been kept in a case for the past 20 years, EXCELLENT condition. Any info would be appreciated.
Jan 8, 2005
I don't know myself but there are two things you could try.

1) Call or write the Case collectors club.

2) There's a knifestore in Jonesville, NC called 67 Hardware, you can look up their phone number on-line, I don't think they have a website. The people that run that place know practically everything about Case knives, have bought several rare ones there myself over the years.