Catalog number of this 110?

May 27, 2015
I just bought a 110 and can't find what its Catalog number or Special Projects/ECN would be. Could anyone help?
Its one of those black etched Alfred C Buck signatures above the gold etched banner stating "25 years of America's favorite knife". The tang stamp is Buck 110 > (1987) USA. Mirror polished clip point blade. It has brass pins and bolsters with some type of dark brown wood scales. Came in a glass display case.

I looked through the BCCI website's 1986, 1987, 19088 catalogs and didn't see it. I looked through the BCCI website's 1986/1987/1988 Special Projects list and didn't find it either. It appears to be what Buck Catalogs used to call a "Buck Collectible".

I searched this forum and see that several of you have one but I'd really like to know Bucks' "number" for it.

It is on the BCCIs LE list 1988 called Al's signature 1000 of them made. I'm at work or I would post a photo for you. EDC# 394, project# E-4068, blade stamped 1987.

Added photos

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