CC just got dinged for 711 dollars

SOW were you in the first batch or the second. I had 2 ordered in the second batch and my card wasn't hit yet.
I say SOW cause the same thing happened to me and I didn't order a FBM
:thumbup: :D :p

Funny because my wife asked "when is that pretty red handled knife coming, I really liked it so can I have it? :eek::eek: :grumpy:
I had about 10 hits to the CC from either Busse Combat or the Company Store for December. I stopped guessing what charge was for what piece... I have a hard enough time keeping track of what is still to come in. :eek: ;) :p

I ended up with two separate $711.95 dings in late December so either I'm getting two of something I only ordered one of or both the FBMLE and SOW are the same cost:eek: :D
Called Amy today.... I look for reasons to do that anyway...

and It was a LE. I am getting a LE!! Shipped this week.

Bigjim = :D