Cerakote questions

Sep 16, 2011
Hi Scott,
I have my brothers Gerber BMF that he sent to me for reconditioning and new scales. It has minor rust pits, but overall in pretty good shape and those have been about 90% removed. How much if any does the sandblasting remove imperfections and rust? We are looking for someone to Cerakote it, are you interested. Please email me color options and service fee. Talk to you soon.
grit blasting will remove all rust. The depth of the pitting determines the outcome, not the blasting. If the pits are very deep then it must be ground flat. If shallow they will disappear. Cerakote will not cover deep pitting.

I have a $45 minimum Cerakote fee. Your call on the single blade.

I have most colors in stock.
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I have increased my volume and am now decreasing my minimum.

$45 minimum order blades and knife parts priced at $2.50 per inch in length.