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"Ceramic Blade Shaprpening" Anyone ?

Jan 29, 2000
I have just purchased a Ceramic Infinity & notice a nick in the end of the blade, the nick is so small that you can`t hardly see it, But you can feel it when cutting paper or string.

My question is can you sharpen the blade with a Fine Diamond Stone that is supplied in a Lansky Sharpening set ?

If anyone thinks "NOT" please let me know before I give it a try...Just thought I would see if anyone else has tried this & if it could be done before I waste the time to send it to Boker..

I will except any emails on this question ! thanks guy`s
Yes you may do it, but it'll take forever.
I do sharpen my ceramics with a medium diamond hone, X-TRA VERY LOW pressure and it takes a long effort, but it works.
Check the angle with a "magic marker" first and keep that level, it helps.
Happy sharpening

A word of caution, you can void the warrenty on some ceramic blades if you sharpen them yourself.

Yeah what Cliff said I'd probably just send it back to Boker and say it was deffective.

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