Ceramic Blades

Aug 22, 2000
Ceramic as in what Boker is selling. S'posed to stay sharp forever etc etc. Is all that true? and is the blade harder more brittle than steel?
Do a search on "ceramic," "boker," "kyocera," "puma," "maddog mirageX," especially in archived discussions, this has been covered a few times before.
S'posed to stay sharp forever

No, only a little longer (compared to a good steel).

and is the blade harder more brittle than steel?

Harder? Yes. Tougher? No. More brittle? Pretty much.

I have a Kyocera 5inch utility kitchen blade which I bought last year. They stay sharp for a very long time. I recieved mine out of the box sharp, but not scary sharp like i like my knives. Problem is that you have to send them away for sharpening.
They are also very brittle, my tip has already chiped from falling on the floor.
I like mine. Itz kool, almost like a toy because of the plastic like look and almost no weight. It cuts good because the blade is so thin, but i think i would prefer a steel knife which i can sharpen to a razor edge every time to be my main knife.

I have one of the small Boker folders and it is sharp as a scalpel, however, it is very brittle (much harder then steel). It cuts through cardboard like butter but afterwards is has very small chips in the edge from the slight side force while cutting. Basically it's just a show piece with the ceramic blade and titanium sides.....buy a steel knive(a GOOD steel knive like Busse)


Bremerton, Washington