Ceramic Fixed Blades

Dec 8, 1998
Aside from ceramic chef's & paring knives, is anyone doing fixed blades in ceramic suitable for carry?
Could be a good neck-knife item - or is it?
What do you think?
Ed E
You might want to look into Mad Dog knives. Their operator line consists of ceramic fixed blades.
Hi Ed, where did you conceal those G10s?:)^) Check your e- mail.


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Ed, Mad Dog makes a line of ceramic knives, the Mirage-X's which are probably the best out there right now.

They can be sharpened to slice well but they don't push cut at all and they chip out very easy compared to a steel knife. They are also not warrentied for breakage after dropping and are also much weaker laterally of course and thus tend to be made rather thick to compensate for this.

On the plus side they go a long time between sharpenings and they are not that difficult to sharpen. And of course the knife itself cannot be picked up on a metal detector which may be of use to some.

Mad Dog's forum on knifeforums.com has much more information including detailed reports by owners.

Stone isn't the same as ceramic, but flint and obsidian knives are also harder and sharper and more brittle than steel, and were considered suitable for carrying for thousands and thousands of years, before somebody figured out how to smelt iron.

Stone makes a pretty good projectile point too, but stone blades would not be a good choice for close quarters combat. For that, folks used pointed bone or hardwood daggers and later bronze, which makes a pretty decent dagger, though a dubious knife.

A Kyocera paring knife would do quite well in a carrying sheath that protects the blade from lateral stress, as long as the owner remembers that it's for knife duty and not dagger duty.

Thanks for all the info! That's why I love this forum; so educational.
I checked out the Mad Dog Mirage X knives and you're right, they are what I had in mind.
Pricey though.... Thanks again, Ed

PS Kin; Neck carry for me - it's quickly become part of `the uniform'..