Ceramic Vs Ordinary

Mar 5, 2001
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I would like to know what your thoghts will be in the debate about knives with ceramic blades compared to ordinary metal blades.

Also, are there any other types of blades that can be found on the market?

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Welcome to Bladeforums. To get the best answer to your question, I would recommend that you spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the search function available here. There have been numerous threads in the past that have discussed the topic of ceramic blades, and all contain good information. The majority of ceramic blades discussed here are marketed by Boker, Kyocera or Mad Dog.

In the meantime, here's a very brief, overly simplistic comparison between ceramic and steel. Ceramic blades are much harder than steel blades. Therefore the primary advantage of a ceramic blade is increased wear resistance. The primary disadvantage is that ceramics tend to be very brittle (i.e. exhibit low toughness) when compared to steel. To compensate for this shortcoming the edge on a ceramic blade must be left fairly obtuse with more material behind the edge to provide adequate support for the cutting edge.

So, what do you end up with in a ceramic blade? Generally speaking, a blade with an edge that doesn't cut as well as a sharpened steel blade, but which will hold this edge for an extreme period of time (provided it doesn't become chipped).

Some other blade materials you'll see discussed here include titanium (of various grades and effectiveness) and occasionally man-made non-metallic materials such as G-10, carbon fiber and MP-45.

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