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Cg Fbm

Jul 9, 2006
Here are some pics that almost completes my CG FBMs. :p

This is a urban gray with black/tan G-10 Mag handles. What a beauty. :thumbup:

Sweeeeet. That color combination looks sharp. now you need a blue g10/ urban gray.
You are the man!! the most desirable FMB are in your house :thumbup:

The last two FMB looks like yin yan taichi!
Thank god the G-10 looks great. I am waiting on one with this configuration. Looks perfect. I am having a nylon tactical sheath made up by Dan Hirayama so mine hasn't arrived yet. Congratulations.
Chopped down an oak tree 10" diameter, and started to get blisters with the micarta. the knife wants to roll in my hand. Don't have any g-10 yet
Congrats and awesome collection! I love the black/tan g-10!:cool:
Hey, thanks for posting that pic. We have been waiting for a shot of that combo :thumbup: It seems that only a few of us ordered that combination.

Eric, you should add this to the compilation thread.
Wow - that is a nice knife! All of them actually - good choices.
What Mr. Gribble said! :D :thumbup:

∞"Guns don't kill people. The Government does."∞
Great looking combo, the Black/tan G10 looks really nice. I hope you don't mind that I've used your pics in the "FBM Compilation thread". If you want them removed please let me know