Chai Cutlery


Feb 26, 1999
I just recieved my order from JKM at Chai Cutlery. As expected, the Leopard Cub I ordered was 100%. The price was $70.00 plus $4.00 shipping, for a total of $74.00.Included in the box was a reciept with a copy of James' check to my selected charity for $7.00, makeing my total cost $67.00. James is not only a dealer, he is also a maker. I trust his judgement to select a quality item more than my own. He looks at a knife with a critical eye, my judgement is clouded by my desire for the knife. I ordered the knife a week ago, James shipped it Monday morning from Ca. It arrived here in Ohio on Wednesday via Priority Mail. I had to wait to pick it up from the post office until this morning because it required a signature to deliver. The order process consisted of 5 emails to check stock, order, then confirm the order. Total time on my part, less than 2 min.
Overall rating: Excellent quality of the item ordered. Since this is to be a gift, I wanted no problems with out of the box quality. The price was fair compared to other net dealers, a few dollars higher than some, but far below others. Delivery was super prompt, kudos to the US Postal System especially at this time of year. I am completly satisfied and highly recommend Chai. Thanks James for a job well done.
I like dealing with James Mattis as well. In addition to the normal excellent service, as outlined by Hal, on one occasion I was pleased to find a pair of one-dollar bills in the package, with an explanation to the effect that the shipping cost had turned out to be less than anticipated.

Thanks James. I hope your business prospers.

David Rock