Change in knife tastes.


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Dec 25, 1998
My first real knife was a Benchmade 975. I had been a police officer for about a year. I went to the uniform shop because I needed a knife. (Well actually because I wanted to spend the cities money). I got the 975 because I liked the way it looked. I thought a tanto looked really good. I have since totally changed what I like in a knife. I dont like tantos. I like a knife with a belly. I have absolutely feel in love with the Carnivour and recently bought a Crawford Kasper. At one time I would have thought both of thwese knives were ugly. As I become more educated I find my tastes changing. Has anyone else noticed this also? I can look at the knives I bought when I first started and they are alot different than the designs I a buying today.


I have too. At first I did not like the tanto design but now I love it. I only have three(CS Recon Tanto,BM Stryker, Tops Steel Eagle) but that number will grow.
Yep, when I first started carrying knives, I used to carry those little funny looking two bladed knives. Like you, the first serious knife I had was the 975, every since then I fell in love with tanto blades. I like other designs, but tanto blades have won me over
Watch, in a year I will fell completely different again

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All the knives in the world go round and round, round and round, round and round...DAMN, one of them took my wallet !!! :)

I started out with a fetish for folders, but now I have a hankering for handmades. It is all bladeforum's fault too...After I won that Cetan I have been hooked. As far as a daily full sized beater folder, I have not found an equal to the Axis, so I think i am done looking at folders, till the Sifu comes out..

But handmades make me want to sing....

I got three Barry Dawsons,
Two Alan Folts,
And a Cetan in a leather sheath.

(going along with the Christmas in July theme

I agree with Mike. My taste change all the time. My first goal was to get the best folder for the best price. Then the best productions and now all I want are the customs. Carson, Fowler, Winn, etc...

Knives I had last year don't have the same meaning now as I am getting more and more into the customs.

Sometimes I look at a knife and say yeech, then I start to like it more and more and then BAM! I have to have it.

There is only one guy whose taste change faster than mine and that is Mr. Fleischer.


I always liked tantos. Although I moved from chisel grind to double ground blade. I also do not buy knives with bead blasted finish anymore. Then I would say my "big blade" and "tactical folder" periods are over and I am in small fixed blades right now (neck knives). Waiting for my Cetan Tanto kit... Who knows what will be my favorite knife style or size in a few months.
I started out as a tantoholic, moved to big knives from there (all shapes and configs.) then found out that folders are the most handy thing since an opposable thumb, and now smaller fixed blades seem to be the flavor of the month. What's next? K.A. Knifaholics Anonymous. HI! I'm Misque and it's been two weeks since I bought a knife!
I think the BM 970/975 got a lot of people into serious knives. It was my first "real" knife. I have gone through many phases. The changes are slowing and my ideas on knives are settling down. I have moved away from tanto's, chisel grind and handles with no thumb ramp or finger notch.

My priorities now are towards the grip. I want a good feeling knife with a deep finger notch with either a thumb ramp or some kind of serration on the spine for the thumb. I tend to prefer drop point blades. I am more concerned about keeping the knife in my hand, than how the knife looks. I have also shifted from fixed blades to folders. That came about more from legal concerns than changing my opinions of them.

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I two think I'm done buying any more folders.
I already own a Miltary and an Axis (my two favorite) and a mini Socom along with about 9 other great ones. I currently am getting another custom made from Mel Sorg and maybe a Wharncliffe from him as well.
Yea, I've changed my tastes along the way, too. When I started about five years ago, I bought a BM 970 myself. Now I hate chisel-ground tantos and I'm almost out of the "tanto phase" for good. Spyderco and Chris Reeves have really been absorbing my wallet since. I'm also into the custom thing now; as I have a Terzuola that's due very soon, and I'm planning on Busse purchases, too. The only other custom I have is a Dozier, which I like very much. As for production stuff, whoa! I have more than I need (my wife is shaking her head in agreement).


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Honey, I swear that's the last knife I'm going to buy...

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I never fell into that chisel ground tanto thing,until now ,I got a pioneer with a tanto blade.Double ground of course.I like it pretty good so far.The biggest taste change I've had is getting away from liner locks.I now like heavy duty knives with excellant edge performance and with the newer style locks.I have an Axis,Pinncle and REKAT.I'm also on the lookout for the new steels too.Just can't seem to keep up with all the new stuff.
scott w
I have always liked to be able to open my slip joint with one hand. A slight altering of the handle would enable me to accomplish this act. Then in the late 80's, I started making a few knives with belly, guards, fat handles, and butt caps. (Heavy artillery type stuff) My father needed help to process a deer that he had harvested and I took the big blade, a medium fillet blade, and a home made paring knife. I started with the biggy and after 5 min., switched to the fillet for a few minutes, and THEN to the paring knife (old cross-cut saw steel) for the rest of the job. My pocket knife is a liner lock (a little loose but no failure) and my fixed blade is very light for whatever length I use. I use a cleaver or hand axe for the heavy cutting chores. My taste for knives is light for cutting and heavy for chopping. If it feels good, use it. If it still feels good, keep it. Ray Kirk