Changes in SRK?

Jun 22, 1999
I recently misplaced my SRK, which was over five years old. I looked at a new one yesterday; is it my imagination, or was the blade just a wee tad shorter and somewhat thicker through the spine/edge area (IOW, from the spine to the edge)? No big deal, but it definitely looks like a different blade profile from what I had.

I hear that CS will be shipping new SRK knives with Kydex sheaths. The one I looked at yesterday had the basic cordura sheath. Anyone have any hard info on this? Thanks...

Hello, I have noticed a few small changes in the SRK. The black finish on the new ones is much more rough than it used to be. The old ones had kind of a smoothed out black finish. As for the one you looked at the other day, it may have been sitting around for a while, as a while back the SRK began come with a leather sheath. Current models do come with a Kydex sheath. Im not sure how ling the kydex sheath has been with it, but I got one about 6 months ago. Im not sure about the blade profile being differant, but the edge did seem much thicker than I remember. Took me forever to work it down to a slightly thinner, usable edge. Hope this helps.

I ordred one and should be able to tell you what the new ones are like in a few days...
Directly from Cold Steel...I'm thinking it'll be here for Tuesday next week, but I'm gonna go check my mail now, it could be here today...
nah, didn't come as expected. It'll probably not be here til Tues or Wed...
Interesting. I obtained an SRK when they first came out several years ago.

Last year seeing a new one I noticed what I thought was a higher sabre grind which thinned the blade closer to the top of the spine.

I have never cared too much for mine due to the thickness of the grind, but the new ones looked much better.

With a kydex sheath, my have to take another look depending on the grind.
Steve, got the SRK today. Doesn't seem much different to me. It's a differently shaped Recon Tanto. It rules too...
Steve, got the SRK today. Doesn't seem much different to me. It's a differently shaped Recon Tanto. It rules too...

You ain't right, man. That was cruel...[G]

So, I assume it is a belt sheath, yes? Good? Okay? Not-so-hot? What do you think about it? (the sheath[G])...

I ain't was funny.

Sheath is ok. I'm not crazy about Kydex or Kydex wannabe sheaths, I perfer leather.
Ever seen the Ka-Bar sheath? It's a lot like that...can be belt used I suppose, but I'm not much for belts...
[Ever seen the Kabar sheath?)

You mean the combination knife sheath/boat paddle? Yeah; I got rid of a 2nd generation Kabar because of that sheath. Jeez, it was huge. Guess I'll have to see one (the new SRK & sheath) before I decide.

Thanks for all the info.