Changing Username + Upgrading Membership

Jun 18, 2009
Hello sirs!
I plan on changing my username and upgrading my membership, and want to pay via PayPal. I know I can pay for the membership upgrade, but didn't find any info about using PayPal for the username change. Is it possible?
I could also sum the fees for both requests in one payment, if that helps processing them. What suits you the most?
There isn't a paypal option for name changes, though I should probably do one.
Thanks for your reply, Spark! I learned today that the wire transfer (or money order) for the new username would cost me more than the Gold Membership fee itself.
I got an idea - I would buy Platinum Membership for 50 USD that I can pay via PayPal, and you'd give me Gold Membership + new username (that's 30 + 10 USD). You can consider the remaining 10 USD an extra processing fee, or, if you feel like being generous to me, you can let me set a custom title for it.
What do you think about it?
Spark..... I would very much like you to set up a Paypal option for this too!!!!

BTW.... Thank you for not applying the wire/money order to membership fees.