Changmade Fu-Bar Tactical Back-Scratcher

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Now that's what I'm talking about. Eric made this bad-dog especially for me, knowing what an itchy person I am. Here's the image:



12 1/4" OAL
6 1/2" Blade (Scratcher, you know) of D/ET-86 (Duct/Electrical Tape Scratchex)
Solid Dowel Core Tape Wrapped Handle w/Duct Pommel
Custom Fit Duct-ex Belt Sheath

This is awesome! It can double as a practice knife, or scratch the itch that ails ya with combative authority. In scratch tests the D/ET-86 held an amazing edge, I've used it probably a dozen times on severe itches and still have not had to sharpen.

Once again I can't say enough good things about Chang! Eric is a very creative and innovative knife/scratcher maker and will be a force to reckon with in upcoming years!

Thanks Eric!

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Oct 26, 2000
Ergonomic handles, a useful blade shape, and that custom sheath defies description!
Let me add, though, that in my experience, a 60 grit sandpaper wrap will go far in increasing effectiveness, without compromising edge retention. If the finish does wear too quickly, it may be necessary to use a finer grit. YMMV
I'd seen the typical production models with the little hand on the end, but had no idea anyone was making customs. Guess I'll have to start saving. What's Chang's lag time?
Good one! I'm sending it to Community because the humor level is high,but the knife content is pretty iffy.
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