Chat and IRC

Oct 5, 1998
I just downloaded the software for the mIRC and installed it last night ( Very easy to download and Very clear instructions by the way! ) Would like to hear from others here...When do the most of Y'all log on? Any certain day or time to talk on a certain topic? And witch one is more popular...IRC or the other Chat option? Looking forward to using the IRC chat more in the future.

IRC is nice, I used it a lot before ICQ came out. I like ICQ much more. Not as much since AOL baught it but they haven't done anything bad to it YET</u>... You can still get it from either <a href=></a> or <a href=></a>. I think ICQ is easier for most people because it is more graphical and less typing.

My UIN (or ICQ number as it is called now) is 1229104. If anyone wants to talk to me or has a small list and just wants more people to talk to, add me. ( *disclaimer* I have about 350 people on my list, so just don't draw any wrong conclusions.)

As for IRC, if anyone wants to set up a server or something, that would be cool. It is kind of an all-day job moderating, kicking out nuisances and what not.

I think you can also set up an ICQ "bot" to act as a chat server, I am not sure how to though and I don't even know if it is possible anymore.


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I check in between 7:00-10:00PM EST, and there has usually been someone there. It only takes a second to check in, if no one is there I check in later.
Yea it's pretty hit and miss. I have been on a number of times and usually later in the evening. Best thing to do is hit it a number of times while you are on and might luck into a good conversation.