Chax/Law Cipher ST.C (nonmetallic cutting tool)

Jan 2, 2002
Just got a batch of these from Chase.

G10 or Micarta laminated to CF. The CF does stab through soft tissue, foam-type material, or cloth with minimal effort, but it doesn't slice (yet -- still working on how to get an edge good with that.)

It's incredibly lightweight, doesn't rust, and has no metallic signature.



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very interesting....what are you using to sharpen it?

After the grind is in, I start with 220 on top of a smooth tile, honing along the flats, spine-first (guess where I got that from? Convex grind eh?? ;) ) until it gets pretty grabby. This is ok because it's zero edge flat ground. Then I put the flat side flat down and hone in circles (like a Japanese chisel ground kitchen knife).

This produces a rough, grabby edge. It tears up cloth and soft tissue like nobody's business, but it leaves splinters, has a truly ugly looking torn up edge, and doesn't slice.

Repeat with 400 grit, just lightly, and "strop" a few times on cardboard and/or tile. This is a much finer edge... not as aggressive, but will slice denser materials pretty darn well now. Also it doesn't look so... ugly.

I don't think it'll ever be good enough to be like steel or Ti (i.e. not gonna slice cloth), but for the intended purpose it should be fine.

Let's just say that edge-holding is sufficient for about 7-10 feet through 4-ply cardboard (which it eats up) but after that... uh.... then you rely on the fact that it's pointy and stiff. ;)


PS: Intended purpose? Oh, opening letters, of course. With FLAIR.