Cheap hawkbills

I guess they are not bad for China made imports..:yawn: They are all made with stainless steel blades.:(
Are there any companies that make a modern high quality hawkbill style knife? Case has one on their website, but I can't seem to find it anywhere else online.
Opinel makes a couple different Hawkbills. I believe they market them as mushrrom gathering knives.

I have this exact knife , well near exact. It is made by Pro'skit , bought it when I was working out of town.
The snap is very nice , the F&F was so-so until I cleaned it up , no blade play.... not a bad knife for the price.
The scales were painted with this horrid red paint , after cleaning that off I discovered some good looking wood underneath which I suspect to be a rosewood.
Anyway , this knife is not bad for a beater - toss it in your toolbox and you're good to go.
Look for the big, black handled, Victorinox hawkbill. Amazing slipjoint at a ridiculous price. I use one at the farm often.
I'll second the recommendation for Opinel. I picked up one of these for $11 + shipping. Carbon steel blade, very comfortable handle. It is not a slipjoint though; No springs, but it does have a locking collar.

I have no affiliation with the website, just passing on info.

-- Sam