Cheap Knife Sharpener?


Nov 8, 1998
Anyone have a recommendation for a cheap, easy to use, knife sharpener for medium quality kitchen knives? My brother is driving me crazy wanting to use my Spyderco sharpener and I'd like to get him his own sharpener, but for < $10-15.
Anything that would keep a decent, not scary or shaving, edge on his kitchen knives would be fine. The easier to use the better.
How about a Lansky Deluxe Turnbox Crockstick sharpening system? Comes with medium and fine ceramic rods, oak box that doubles as base and holder for the sticks.

Discountknives sells them for around $12 to $13 only. I got one here, and I use it for my kitchen knives.. Works pretty good, too!

No problem. Good luck!

Forgot to mention this in my first note, but I've used the Edgemaker as my portable, take anywhere & everywhere sharpening system for the last 12-13 years. It really works!

I'm not affiliated with Edgemaker in any way... just happen to really like their product. It's not the best for large kitchen knives... but for most everything else, it's the cat's patoot.

Cheap and easy to use?

Sounds like you need to look up the recent thread on using the unglazed bottom rim of ceramic plates for sharpening.
Thanks AJ, but that's what some of the knives he wants to sharpen are - large kitchen.

The unglazed ceramic might work for my brother (he's cheaper than I am) but I don't think his wife would go for it <grin>.

Thanks for the advice guys.
Try Smith's Jiff V Sharp. I pay about $6.00 for mine at Wal-Mart. Only for quick cheap sharpening. I use only on kitchen and util knives. Works fast and gives good edge.

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AJ - Thanks for the recommendation on the Edgemaker Pro! Just what I was looking for!

Dan - I may get one of the Lanskys too. Thanks!

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