Cheap knives?

Jan 21, 2001
i'm looking for a place on the net that has a good selection and good prices, i've found a few that got for instance emerson, but not cold steel, or spyderco but not emerson... i'm looking for companies that got emerson, spyderco AND cold steel =)
any suggestions? thanks!!
You won't always find the best prices in the same place, and you won't necessarily find the best service where you find the lowest price, either. Here's a few more good sites to go with 1SKS, in alphabetical order, because they are all super reliable:

Bayou Lafourche
Smoky Mountain Knife Works
Triple Aught Design

These sites are worth browsing, even if you aren't ready to buy something, just for what you can learn. At least check out A.G.Russell for his encyclopedia, if nothing else.
Not that I advocate shopping solely on the basis of price, but is lower than on some of the Cold Steel and none of the Spyderco that I noticed.

Still, I have to say that one ought to shop based on price and reliability. The relative weighting of those factors is up to you, but it's awfully easy to end up unhappy when you shop on price alone.

I don't want anyone to take this as a warning against either
or because I don't really know much about either. I'd suggest checking both of them out in the GB&U forum. All of the others mentioned are names I know from many good recommendations, even if I have not dealt with them all myself. If you miss the best price by a couple of bucks it's no big deal, but if you go solely for the best price and then the deal goes bad (even if the dealer is honest but just can't get his/her act together) you could be a lot sorrier. Again, I don't want this to be seen as slander against anyone in particular-- just a word to the wise.