Check out the Sarki Shop knife racks!!!!

I clicked on the link and it worked fine. I don't know what the problem is. Try it again and see what happens.
Worked fine for me as well except I still can't see all of the page.
I was able to click on the pics and see the racks though.
Good looking pieces Sandi!!!!

And Great price!!!!


Indin word for lousy hunter.
Cool stuff Terry! They are almost identical to the one I have at home,only difference mine holds 10 pieces and doesn't look as solid as yours.
Thanks for the kind words. Does any one have suggestions for improvement or style change?

Well since you asked fer ideas...
I have an interesting take on khuk racks... I have been too bust to make any so I will see if you guys want to take a crack at making 'em. They are wicked simple and look great. I will see if I can post a few pics in the next couple of days.
Thanks Matt,
I would appreciate any suggestions. I want to keep it pretty simple & affordable. I am using 1x2 pine right now. I happen to like the occasional knot or imperfection in the wood I think it looks more natural. I did check on the next grade up and it is 60 cents per foot. Too expensive in my opinion.
I'm looking forward to seeing the pics.


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