Check out this Carving!!!

Dec 10, 1998
This was made by my felow knifemaker Stephen Olszewski. He is a model maker by trade. This is called his hummingbird folder.

An exquisite Art Nouveau style, liner-lock, manual-open folder. 8 ¾ LOA, 3 7/8” Blade. J. Rados random pattern damascus sculpted blade and rear (hummingbird) bolster. Eggerling damascus front bolster. 14kt gold inlayed eyes and thumbstud (with ruby). Blue/Green mammoth ivory scales. Rainbow anodizied titanium liners. Leaf and feather carvings on backbar with mother of pearl inlays. A truly wonderful custom art knife.

When I saw the intricate carvings on this I had to stop and stare at it for a moment! I couldn't imagine the nightmare of finishing all of those seperate surfaces! That just rocks!!
AWESOME piece! If this guy ever decides to give up models and concentrate on knives, he could become one of the great ones.
Racer Roy :D

I don't care much for artistic pieces like this, but the workmanship here is outstanding. This knife shows the immense talent this maker has.
This is a great knife. It's as beautiful in-hand as it appears. Thanks, Chuck, for the post.

I handled this piece a month ago, and Stephen's work is wonderful. As is his personality. He comes from that hotbed of the Art knifeworld: Rhode Island/Massachusetts.

George Dailey, Richard Wright, Frank Potter, Stephen Olsyzewski, Wm. McHenry, Ralph Selvidio, Jot Khalsa, J.D Smith, John Jenson, and even Chuck Gedraitus all hail or started from this little corner of the world. It's in the water... ;)

It might be just a little too ornate, a little too busy for some, but no one would be able to deny the skill and craftsmanship that went into this knife. The hummingbird, I find particularly striking. Thanks for sharing!
As a rule, I generally don't care much for art knives. This piece has me enthralled though. It's simply gorgeous! I keep looking at it thinking I'll find something not to like about it but, that's a total no-go. What a great piece of working art!
This guy has real talent and a great eye for this kind of work. Please keep it up!

All the best,
Mike U.