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Check out this site/Anyone speak Russian?

Dec 20, 1999
Dibutilftalat posted some nice pictures in the Gallery section, and I wondered where they came from:
Some awesome customs in the gallery section, reachable via the fourth switch from the top in the menu bar on the left.
Does anyone speak enough Russian to tell if some of the knives are for sale? I couldn´t see any price quote numbers, but I might have overlooked them.

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Wow, some beautiful stuff there, but I can't make heads or tails of it.
Saint Cyrill just HAD to do things different I guess.

Freddy Mercury is alive and well, making custom knives in Russia!


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THat is some beautiful stuff. To bad I dont know a lick of Russian. Would have liked to read about the artist and materials.


My Knife Page
Don't speak Russian, but I know enough sites to get it translated roughly for ya.
Just go here.
I think the rest should be pretty self explanitory, I tried it and it works well enough after the first page, not perfect, but it gets it into English or whatever other language you would like.
KOIITEB has an english section and an interview where he talks about Wootz steel.

Great to see all the quality work displayed. Lots of traditional styles being continued

Cigarette companies seem to be doing well in Russia.


This translator will convert a lot of languages. Cut & paste a page . Or put the whole site address in. Below is the Home page intro translated.

DECLARATION OF THE GUILD OF THE MASTER- GUNSMITHS The guild of masters (artists) - gunsmiths is the voluntary association/unification of citizens in the form of public organization, which arose as a result of free voleiz"yavleniya of the authors of artistic weapon, who were combined on the basis of the generality of interests in the region of oruzhiyevedeniya, the history of Russian armorer skill and popularization of Russian author's artistic weapon. The basic targets/purposes of guild are: - the association/unification of artists and masters, who participate in the creation of author's artistic weapon, for the purpose of the idea of their interests in the state organs, commercial and other organizations; - training respect for the cultural heritage of Russia, such as is author's artistic weapon as the weapon, which has cultural value; - the revival of interest in the history and further development of the traditions of Russian armorer skill both in our country and abroad; - revival and the development of the culture of rotation, use and collectivization of the weapon, which has cultural value; - the search for the young talented authors of artistic weapon and the rendering by them of support in the improvement of their workmanship; - the creation of the school of aesthetical training and armorer craftsmanship for increasing the professional/occupational and creative possibilities of the artists of weapon; - the assistance to development of international collaboration in the field of study of the cultural armorer heritage of states, weapon as the method of the permission/resolution of social conflicts, violence, cruelty and kindling of national dissension directed against the use.
Judge, I do speak Russian. I looked through this site and it seems to me these knives are not for sale. I could not find any links to the knifemakers either. You can try to E-mail them to the E-mail address provided. However I looked trough the posts left in the guestbook section (the last one on the homepage) and they responded only to the Russian messages. There was only one English message from Belgium and sadly this was the only one they did not respond to. I will read through this site once again, if I missed anything I will let you know.
Thanks y´all. I already sent an e-mail, waiting for an answer. Who knows.
I´d really like to know how high the price level for Russian high quality custom knives is. There were some seriously NICE knives pictured.

"Peace is not without conflict; it is the ability to cope with conflict" - Leo Giron