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Oct 11, 1998

AR folder with experimental 3 capsule tritium thumbstud.


This prototype tritium thumbstud (developed at TAD's Q-branch ;)) compared next to original thumbstud.

We are experimenting with tritium thumbstud options for the Strider line of folders. It may be offered on a very limited basis on our TAD "Tactical-Strider Folder" down the road.

The process was fairly time consuming on the mill, but the outcome speaks for itself.

Hope you core guys like it.

Hi Patrick,

Will the above option be available with the up coming "all-black" AR or GB folder? How much extra are we looking at?
we are hoping to be able to offer them on those very all black "tactical" folders. ;)

still figuring out final details and it wil be cost effective in production.

Those rock! Very innovative. Are they very expensive to do? Is there a chance of them coming loose and falling out? Anyway, I like!
hi john,

thanks, glad it agrees with you.

they are set in with the same type or epoxy as used when set in weapons sights. permanently fixed within steel thumbstud.

i have a similarly done folder in a similar process:

and have used it on a daily basis for months in places such as the snow, 105+ heat, seawater and it has been unaffected. now, i know those are not the most adverse environs, but it's held up to daily regular use in the backcountry and around in my warehouse.

we tried this radial pattern on the Strider over the original outline pattern because it seemed even more secure.

the tenability of this option will depend upon durability during hard use and of course production cost.

we will not offer it unless it proves to be as bomber as the Strider folder itself.
Patrick - mucho cool thumbstud!! Me likes!!! :D Question for ya (well, two, actually). 1. What kick ass knife is that in the photo with the "triangle" trit thumbstud?? Schweet, man! 2. WHen are these "stealth" Striders gonna show up?!?!

the knife with the prototype thumbstud is Josh's AR (his cherished #006).

the strider guys are currently trying to catch up on their regular models to their dealers. then they are going to finish up our Strider/TAD TKa series, on to more AR & GB folders, and then perhaps our tactical model.

it's going to be awhile as those boys always have their hands full. ;)

we expect a good number of the EB series and some other misc stuff from them on Tuesday...and then followed by Duane's Customs(wait til' you get a look at his work!). :eek: :D

Sorry, Patrick. I wasn't clear. I meant the knife in the photo labeled "CI-21" - the one on top of the rifle and watch. :D
that one. ;)

it is a TAD "c.i.-21". it is one of my designs as made by custom maker mike sitton.

one of my 2 favorite folders, the other one of course being my Strider AR. :D
hey pm~
what's the scoop on duane's custom? you have me interested. i thought mick's custom was outstanding, can't wait to see what duane has up his sleeve.

they are right around the corner. ;)

i think everyone will find that each member of the 2 Strider Knives' team has a distinct style which make's their own customs unique yet recognizably hardcore "strider".

duane's concept is very cool and we will post up the final results as soon as we get them.
Patrick, COOOOL! This may get me off my a** to order a Strider folder. I will see you Tuesday- can you show me what your colaboration will look like? I'm on board with your TAD/Strider sheath knife.

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds" -Swift
If you care to inspect carefully, I believe the TK series evolved out of the C.I.-21, save the tanto extra bit...;) Can someone else confirm?

In the final design, the thumb stud would be black with tritium insert instead of the standard raw finish, right?
the strider/tad collaboration concept piece is in our showroom. on tuesday when you come by, we will be happy to show you.

we do not have as yet a proto strider/tad tactical folder. one of the details we are still debating on is the final blade style. the handles will remain essentially unchanged.

one of the issues in producing this tritium thumbstud is that we do not have a good way to make them black. while our machinst is quite amazing at what he can do on a mill, a capacity to coat SS is not something we have explored yet.

the TK series is based on a modified design of a fixed blade i had made over a year ago. this design was first made for us by Mike Snody:

this pattern has been wildly popular and will soon be featured in a tactical knives review.

using my "explorer" pattern i went back to the drawing board and then modified it again for the strider "TKa".

slight adjustments have been made from this first experimental piece; we choked back on gthe thumbstud and canted the blade angle slightly lower from the horizon line for a improved sabre grip forward thrust line.

the TKa model will feature the cord wrap as shown and also EB style micarta grips

as you can probably tell i am a big fan on thumbramps as i find them especially secure and deft when manipulating the blade for close up work; skinning, hard press tip cutting, sabre grip, etc.

the strider/tad TK series have an excellent feel in the hand and 3 sizes total will be made on this basic pattern; the TKa (4"), TKb (6.5") and TK-L (8.25").
Patrick, i think you should make extras for those of us that would like to put them on our regular strider folders. Also when is my CI 21 going to be in ( # 5 on the list ).
Patrick, would it be possible to buy one of those tritium thumb
studs (if you decide to make them) separately so I could put it
on my Strider Buck? If possible, could I have mine coated black?

your up in the next batch. ;)


the watch is made a germany company called "Sinn". the model in the picture is a "103 UTC Ti AR"; titanium case, waterproof to 200M, dual time zones, chronograph, self winding swiss valjoux 7750 movement. Sinn is known for making some of the best military, tactical, professional grade field watches in Europe. Sinn watches are issued to GSG-9, and worn by NATO pilots, etc.

you can check them out here: Sinn Watches


as i mentioned before...we do not know if we can find a way to coat these black...

we are certainly trying to find out if we can.
You can get black bake-on paint from

I think you'll have to do the coating before you glue in the tritium capsules; I doubt the capsules can take the heat -- around 350 degrees F if I recall correctly.