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Checkering on G10?

Jan 1, 1999
Since I' ve not received a reply on the appropriate forum, I am posting it here:
Can G10 scales be checkered? Would it be too brittle and chip and fall apart? Would its structural integrity be compromised afterwards? Any info/ experience, good or negative appreciated. Thanks.


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Didn't see your post elsewhere, but yes, I think you could checker G10. You should be able to work it like micarta or phenolic resin. Unfortunately, you have to try it on a knife, as I don't know of a source for G10 scale blanks.

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

Koval Knives (800-556-4837) sells G10 slabs.

1/8" x 1.5" x 12" for about $3
1/4" x 1.5" x 12" for about $6

Their great catalog has more size options than shown above.

I am sure their are many other sources, but this is the only one I can provide.

Best Regards,Todd
first of all let me tell you that g10 is a fiberglass (s-glass) product...and i made surfboards for over 22 years....so i am not making this up....you certainly can checker it im sure...never tried...but you wont get a very nice product because the glass is woven and will fuzz out on you more and more as you go deeper and deeper...also....and ive used g10 for a couple of years now...its very tough...wears out my wood cutting bandsaw blades like crazy...started using my metal cutting bandsaw on it...it sparks when you cut it...it will wear out your checkering file in no time....good luck...
Gentlemen, thank you for responding. I picked up a pair of G10 at the ECCK Show and plan to have it shipped out to CHECKERMARX in Ferndale, WA(Checkermarx@compuserve.com). Julie Marx had done checkering on one of my micarta scale fixed blades and I was extremely pleased with her work. I am trying to gather some useful info on G10 to see if it can be checkered sucessfully without compromising its structural integrity, hence my posts. I plan to send out some of my G10 scaled knives for work but would like to see her results from experimenting with the slabs first.

Tom Mayo: I have little experience with checkering and its required tools. I am a bit surprised that G10 will wear out a file in short time. Julie Marx had not mentioned any problems with the micarta work she did for me and it is equally as tough and dense as G10, no? What kind of checkering file are you referring to? A hardened? Diamond? Forged? Don' t know all the variations. Any help appreciated.

Anyone else who have experience first hand with checkered G10 scales(or firearms stocks possibly)please share them here. Thanks.


"To earn a million is easy, a real friend is not."
was talking to a friend of mine who does custom rifle checkering.Talging about different materials greaswood,ironwood andmicarta.He says his checkering tools won't stand up real well to those materials.Think I'll check with the Wa. company that was posted.Neat idea Nakano


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