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Checkering Services from Checkermarx- Thanks Julie Marx and Beau Springer!

Jan 1, 1999
Greetings. I' d like to share a very pleasurable business experience with all on this forum(s). Although this thread might be more appropriate on the Bladesmith forum, I felt that it deserves the attention of this General forum. Recently, I received one of my fixed blade Bob Doziers back from Julie Marx of Checkermarx located in Ferndale, WA. I was immediately impressed with the 16LPI diamond checkering done on the micarta scales of my Dozier. Prior to this, I had a nice chat with Julie on the phone to discuss what I was looking for and what she felt was a workable pattern to satisfy my requirements. The original smooth finish of my *Agent* model from Bob was just to slippery to be of very much use. And because this model was made as a backup defensive tool, it could not be drawn quickly enough with much confidence. But after Julie's exquisite execution on the scales, I can carry with great confidence and am inclined to use it more for utility purposes as well.
Her 16PLI in a flat(non pointy) diamond pattern affords an extremely secure grip on the draw, even with wet hands and with light gloves on! For extended use a lighter pattern might be desireable. Either way, she will discuss and work with you to satisfy your own requirements. I can wholeheartedly recommend her work to all forum members and can say with confidence that you will be a satisfied customer. Her turnaround time was only 2 weeks after my shipping out. And her prices for such nice work is very reasonable.
In fact, I plan on sending her another one of my fixed blades for work very soon.

Julie can be reached at 360 380- 1903 Pacific time. Please feel free to respond with any questions or comments or e- mail me if you' d like.

And finally, I' d like to thank fellow forumite Beau Springer for his original thread on this topic and for his recommendations of Checkermarx. Thanks Beau!
This is the correct forum to put out good words on dealers and makers. Thanks for the info!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

One quick question. Do you know if they'll apply checkering to an Endura II? The all steel model. We were discussing this in the Spyderco Forum. (I think "Titan" has the Endura II) Anyways just wondering.
Hi Blades. Firstly, that depends on how deep of a pattern is desired. I' m not sure if the Spydie scales are thick enough or are even solid thru and thru for deep and/ or any checkering at all. Maybe a post on the Spyderco forum is called for.
Secondly, I' m not sure if Julie Marxs' checkering experience on firearms stocks extend to work on metal such as front and backstraps of pistols. I could do some research but please don' t hesitate to e- mail her with some inquiries. Thanks for responding.

360 380 1903 Pacific time.


"To earn a million is easy, a real friend is not."

"To earn a million is easy,a real friend is not
wait a second!!!
"to earn a million is easy," - i get that part
"a real friend is not." ... now does that mean earning a real friend is not easy, which is the sane and obvious interpretation, or does it mean a real friend is not easy ?
Actually, Beau mentioned this service a long time ago, and I checked into it (

Julie will indeed checker metal as well as wood, and her prices are extremely reasonable. I am familiar with checkering on firearms, and it provides an excellent grip.

I would advise talking with her first, and discussing options. 16 lpi. is VERY COARSE on a firearm; 1911 pattern grips approach this grade. On a knife, however, with flat topped diamonds (which are anathema in checkering firearms, but make sense on knives), 16 lpi. sounds like a good choice.

Dr. Walt says '2 thumbs up' you will like it!'
The doctor has rang in. Indeed it was Beau who gave me the recommendation as noted in my original post. Thanks for the input Doctor Welch.
Blades: I'll get back to the Endura in short time.


"To earn a million is easy, a real friend is not."
Nakano2; thank you very much for NOT saying, 'the doctor has checked in.' One can only take a pun so far. heh heh heh

Seriously, checkering is a great idea, I highly recommend it. Walt
Almost couldn' t resist Doc.
Blades: Sal Glesser has indicated that the Endura 2 and similar models with steel scales will take checkering up to 1 mm deep but recommends to keep them away from pins and lanyard holes. Thanks for the inquiry.


"To earn a million is easy, a real friend is not."