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Nov 2, 1998
Here are direction to my restaurant (the Orchard Inn) for ribs and beer from 2pm-5pm (gratis) for all the knifenuts. The restaurant will be closed except for us! Bring the new aquisitions, etc and relax a bit after attending the show!!

From the Holiday Inn take 83 south to the beltway (695)

Beltway East (left, toward Essex) to exit 29B, Loch Raven Blvd.

Loch Raven Blvd South (the only choice) to the top of the hill, right on Joppa Rd.

Three blocks to the Orchard Inn, big white building on the right.


South on York Road to Joppa Road, left on Joppa, about 2 miles or so to the Orchard Inn on the left.

The address is 1528 East Joppa Road, 410 823-0384

The restaurant is about 5 minutes or so from the show.

I've cooked off two cases of baby back ribs, and I don't want any left!



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Thanks very much Michael!

Everyone, BFC folks are joining up at noon at Les Robertson's table to greet each other and figure out what the faces are that go with the names around here.

My printer is not working, could someone print out a bunch of copies of this post so we can hand it to out to people who may not have seen the post?

It's going to be a fun, fun day. I'm bringing most of my collection along for show and tell at Michael's place. Also, my ten year old is going to his first knife show. Can't wait to see a bunch of you tommorow.

Thanks again Michael!

FREE RIBS, and BEER??? Damn, if I could afford the plane ticket, I'd fly out there to that knife-show/beer & rib feed!. (If I sent you my "snail-mail" address could you send me some BBQ ribs?).

It sounds like a GREAT get-together! Us folks here in Washington State had a nice meeting at our Tacoma knife-show a month or two ago, and it was GREAT meeting fellow BladeForums members there. (You all have FUN!.

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NOW you tell us!!!!!!!!!.....well one thing, its a lot warmer here than it is there..
Ill see you guys there!!! I'll bring the bowie, recurved ronin w/600 grit finish and the one that is sold on my website. Don't think I can for the ribs cuz my ride doesn't want to spend all day there! We have finals this week and I have a spanish presentation tommorow I have to write! Oops! See you guys in a few hours! I will be wearing shorts and a red football jersey, #75!