Oct 2, 2000
Larry Chew Spitfire, Devin Thomas Damascus, Mokume Bolsters, Ironwood handle.:)



WOW That is beautiful. The ironwood with the mokume really pops. Great pocket clip. Great pic too. Thanks for posting. What exactly is Mokume anyhow? Anyone know? ec
The way I understand it, Mokume is a blend of metals like nickel, copper and brass that have been heated up under pressure, then rolled out and made into what you see. I think it 's also done with fine metals like gold and silver,,,sorta like Damascus but no steel.
That explanation may be totally off base so feel free to correct me:D .

Fantastic looking Chew.:eek: I think that is still my favorite design of Larry's.
That knife is in-freakin'-credible! Absolutely gorgeous! I have a Mini-Spitfire DA & a Slayer in Carbon Fiber that I had thought were pretty nice but that one of yours has given me an inferiority complex :mad: :D :D - NOT! It is definitly a step up - Larry makes such a sweet knife & his pivot system is so smooth - I hope you're going to use that a little at least - if you are at Blade this year I would love to get a look at the knife. Great acquisition!

Wow, that is FABULOUS , that is the first Larry Chew knife that I have seen with any mokume. Thanks for sharing.

Jeff Pelz