Chicago Knife Show

Oct 10, 1998
The Chicago starts today and closes on Sunday. Who all will be going? Rumor has it our own Kit Carson will be there with CJ today. I will be there today and Saturday.


Tom Carey
cya there!
I'm there late Saturday, rib dinner with TKC-L.

Anyone got directions to the show from the north?
Just got back from the Chicago Knife show!! LOT of knifemakers there! Mr. Les Robertson was there, with a wide assortment of custom knives. Ricky Fowler was there, with his cool knives. So was Mr. John Greco of Greco Knives. Heavy duty blades!! Really beautiful knives were at Mr. Steve Corkum of Hawk Knives's table. You should see the temper lines on his knives, and you should see how thick they are! Bub Worrell was there with some REALLY cool neck knives. It was so sweet to see all these makers, as well as their knives. Pictures in the magazines really don't do justice to the knives when you actually see them in person.

Best of all, I got to meet Mr. Pat Crawford!! I was able to handle almost all of his knives, even the new Janus, his project with Mr. Elishewitz. Really beautiful knives, so beautiful that I bought one of his Kasper Fighting Folders! Mr. Crawford is a gentleman, and a pleasure to do business with. It was SO cool to be able to talk to the man who made YOUR knife, and to be able to share some insights on how and why the knife was made, and how to best care for it. Now I want more of Pat's stuff!!

So when is the next knife show....?
I had a great time up there both days. It was nice to see makers and dealers I have not met before. I picked up a Carson Model 4 in Stellite from Les ordered a Talonite bladed piece from Pat Crawford and swapped a bunch of ivory for a art piece by Don Hanson. There were a lot of nice knives there and as usual the people were very friendly. I spent most of the time drooling on a gorgous auto that Hanson had on the table. Pat Crawford had a large selection of knives there, and if you are into Randalls it was like heaven.
It was great meeting some forum members up there. I do hope they can do a better job of attracting the public next year. Those that are into knives and are within 100 miles of that show that did not go missed a heck of a good show from a buyers stand point. I can hardly wait for next years show there.


Tom Carey
Let's see...take Part II of National Boards or go to the Chicago show...doh!

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Meeting Pat Crawford was a treat! I hold him largely to blame...Bought one of his larger neck knives. Surprised no one mentioned Dave Broadwell and Ray Cover Jr. sitting together in the corner. Some awesome stuff coming out of those 2! Ralph Turnbull was sitting in front of an almost bare table, as usual...

Amazing damascus steel coming from a guy named Ponzo or Ponzi or something like that - watch for it!

A great show, unfortunately it seemed to be more of a production knife crowd, so I don't know that a lot of the custom guys will be coming back. Pushed HARD to get them to the Badger show, though!