chinese gim

Aug 10, 2008

i thought it was interesting what this guy had to say in his description of the video.

I have noticed there are several japanese sword cutting videos on this webpage.. Well, I'm a swordsmith apprentice under a quite famous Chinese swordsmith, and I enjoy cutting stuff up as much as anyone. I am an amateur however.. :)
Anyway, there's alot of hype going around saying that the Japanese katana is super-sharp, and the best sword in the world and bs like that. The japananese got their Katana model from the Chinese during the Tang Dynasty, and learned to forge swords from the chinese. However, I'd like to remove some of the bad reputation modern Chinese wushu has given the Chinese sword, and get the true Chinese sword out of the shadows.

The sword in the video is a double edged jian, Qing Dynasty reproduction in 3-layer lamination with 4000 layers of folded steel. It is razor sharp, and has a price-tag of around 1000USD. This is a real sword, and not one of those flappy wushu-toys used for dancing around. Enjoy...

Best regards, Kenneth A.H.
Zheng Wu Knife & Sword Company.

seems to want to put his money where his mouth is. anyone have experience with them? thoughts?

here's another guy with a "real gim/jian." i honestly never thought these were popular or that "real" ones ever existed.