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Aug 1, 2006
Are there any differences between the II and 3 besides the grinding on the blade? And what are your opinions on the original model? I have the second variation, and I've been thinking about getting the other two to complete the set. Is it worth it? Thanks.:)
Im glad you started this discussion because I have a second model and carry it extremely often Im wondering if there is any advantage in the 3?
I'm still not sure..I did some more research and the only difference I can figure out is the grind still. Even the lanyard holes, bolts, and everything else are in the same place. Maybe the milling on the liners is different or something..no idea..can anybody else help?
The Chinook 3 was originally called the Chinook 2 flat ground. ;)
There may be some subtle refinements that I am not aware of, but the blade grind is the primary difference. It is a part of the ongoing refinement that Spyderco does so well. Basically, Sal has said that the goal was to make the knife lighter (lighter = faster) without sacrificing strength.
I've seen spine shots of both knives together and the Chinook 3 has a tip that was thinner by about a millimeter.

I can't get the III out of my pocket! The manix keeps fighting it to get in. Both fine knives!:D
the only difference is the flat grind. Although Sal has mentioned that they are constantly "tweaking" their products.