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Chip and tip repair and sharpening,

Oct 24, 2000
Hello new fellow forum users, I'm sure quite a few of you have a knife you've carried in the past, which now has a broken tip, making a dandy excuse to get a new knife! Well, now that it served to get you a new one, how about letting me fix that tip for you, I can regrind so it looks factory, using the same water cooled belt grinder custom knives are made with. No jigs, hands only! I also repair chips, and do custom detail work for comfort(rounding handles, finger grooves etc.). Looking forward to hearing from you. Antonio
I just want to say I have worked with antonio(seattlight) for 1 to 2 years and we were absolutely crazy about becoming the best knife sharpeners we could be. call it a zen experience or just a calling. we busted our butts experimenting with all types of sharpening devices including expensive belt grinders.
I have to say antonio is one gifted knife/tool sharpener.

chris aloia
Geez, it looks like we have a Seattle tag-team going on here.

Self-repair of our broken knives is one of the pleasures of being a "Knife Knut", but maybe there are some here at the Forums who aren't as handy at repair as they are at destruction.

Good luck in your helpful venture.

Dann Fassnacht
Aberdeen, WA
ICQ# 53675663
I just received my SOG Trident back from Antonio, and let me say he did a FANTASTIC job on it!

The tip got bent years ago when my schmuck college buddy drove it through a magazine on the floor into the concrete floor. Since then, I haven't looked at it much because i was so pissed about the bend in the tip.

Antonio has restored it to its previous glory...I thought it would have to be filed down or something, but it looks just like it did from the factory, hardly noticeable that anything was done at all...

He was also extrememly patient, as I said I'd send it to him in November, and didn't send it until a week before Christmas, and he still got it done in a couple of days.

Highly recommended!