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Chipped my Sable IV

Oct 24, 2005
Well, I finally decided to go something I never thought I would do with my Sable (unless absoulutely necessary). I used my Sable IV to open a tin can last night. It worked well, but I managed to put two very small chips in the edge about midway along the edge grind. Don't know how I did it, but needless to say I was very upset with myself:jerkit: . I tried to use a sharpmaker to remove the chips, but they are still present. The knife is still very sharp, but catches slightly on the chips when going through paper. Is there anyway for me to remove the chips or should it go back to CRK for a tune-up? Or should I forget about them completely since this is a user blade? Thanks for the help.

mike biz
Since you have a lifetime warranty,use it for a while.If it gets in the way of certain cutting,or just p*$$*$ you off after a while,send it in.Nice knife buy the way.The Sable is the fixed blade I want from CRK.

Mike,I experienced the same problem a month or so ago,chipping the edge on my Sebbie.I tried sharpening it out but it remains.Like you this is a user and I'm confident that with further use and sharpening it'll disappear.When I asked for advice most seemed to think that if the chip didn't extend past the edge,just keep on using.
If you definitely want them out, personally I would send it back.

For me, it were a user, I would keep using it as is. CRK isn't likely going anywhere, you could always send it back for refurbishing later if you want.