Chiro75's Sheaths

Feb 14, 1999
I just received my first sheath from Steve and it is a beaut. The sheath provided with my Reeve Shadow III was perfectly acceptable, but I wanted a different configuration capable of multi-position carry. I also wanted a material more durable than leather.
Steve coverd both bases by using kydex and by using Chicago screws to hold the sheath halves together. This sheath would be comparable to a pancake style pistol holster
with multiple holes drilled around the perimeter for placement of the belt loop. By using the screws instead of rivets the loop can be put in several different places or even removed.
The knife is held solidly in the sheath with no perceptible movement (no rattle) which is
evidently hard to do gauging by some expensive knives I have.
Kudos, Steve, I'll be ordering more.
Oh yeah! How about a one week turnaround,
including shipping time. Fantastic work and fast too. Unbeatable!!
Hoping to have a similar experience when I get my knives back from him next week or so. That said, I can also say that he's been quite an accommodating fellow up to this point. He seems to know what people are looking for in a sheath design when they themselves can't exactly explain it (me).

Let it also be said that EdgeWorks would probably have gotton some of my business as well had they ever ANSWERED MY EMAILS. Guess I'd much rather give my business to a Bladeforums patron anyway! Thanks Steve!

Ever notice no other candy tastes quite like Pez? Oh yeah, and the BM Axis rules.

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