Chiruwa Ang Khola

Feb 26, 2001
Has anyone bought one of these Knives? How are the handles attached? They must be tough. I have the 18" Ang Khola, but I think I'd like one a little smaller for camp utility chores.
Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jack,

I own a Chiruwa 15" AK (funny I was writing about it in another thread when you must have been typing this!), and it is my favorite all around khuk. The balance is incredible--more towards the handle than regular khuks. And they are extremely tough! Mine came with dark red cherry like handles (two wood slabs bolted onto full tang) with deep irridescent grain. The chakma and karda were even chiruwa style! Some say that the full tang causes vibration to wind up in the hand but I have not noticed that. Oh, btw Welcome!!

Thanks Rob,
I just read your thread while you were writing the reply. I thought the handle slabs were horn. Are they bolted or are those rivets? I had not thought about vibration as I never noticed it with the Ang Khola. (which I love) I want either the Chiruwa of the BAS. Leaning now toward the Chiruwa. Your reponse helped a lot because it tells me where the balance is! I appreciate it. That is kind of what I was looking for. BTW I'm not 'new' I was 'Recon Jack' but had been gone for some time with family problems, and have just recently returned. Again thanks for the info!

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Hi Jack,
I just had a 12 inch chiruwa Ang Khola made for me. It's a VERY nice size to carry. If you like this style Uncle Bill would gladly get one for you!

Chris B.
Welcome back Jack!!

The chiruwa handles are riveted on and not bolted, if that helps.
You can order a chiruwa handle on any of the HI Kukuri's.
It just may take a little while longer to get.
I prefer the standard handles and they have Plenty of tang under the horn or wood.
The only way they will break is if the kami gets in a hurry and splashes some water on the tang, making it hard.
And that doesn't happen often, just when they get in a hurry.
The same thing could happen to a chiruwa.
They all carry the full guarantee so if one happened to break you will get another knife.



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I tend to also love the full tang design, like in the Chiruwas. The only downside that I have seen in the two Khuks that I have with that handle design, is the rust potential. The tang is exposed and the steel just waits for a sweaty hand to enduce rust. This is not really a problem since I am a care freak, But can present a small rust problem for those that aren't polish and oil freaks like me. Good Luck.

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I'm going to recommend against the chiruwa style handle for the same reasons listed above...hand shock and maintenance.You will feel the difference chopping hard wood and the standard style is plenty strong. I think the differential temper and spike tang are what make the khukuri so comfortable and effective.
Thanks everyone that responded. Very helpful, and appreciated. Will probably make a decision this weekend.

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