chisel grind

Nov 28, 1998

I recently purchased G45 neck knife made by Newt Livesay. The blade had a poor edge and after much work I have been unable to improve it very much. I have followed the instuctions From Joe Talmadges faqs on sharpening. Can one get a truley sharp edge on a chisel grind.Any suggestions are appreciated.


I don't quite understand the problem with sharpening a chisel grind. Its just like sharpening a regular v-grind only its half as much work. I have always found it easier not harder. Someone clue me in here.

Rick, the way to sharpen the chisel edge is to hold the angle of the original bevel that was made flat against the stone, push away at the stone as if you were cutting a slice off of it, if the edge is on the other side pull towards you, Keep the knife as steady as possible, I usally keep my left hand on the blade to assist in pushing and to keep the blade from moving up or down, keep this up until you feel a burr on the back flat side of the blade, then lightly lay the knife down on the flat of the blade and pull back to work the burr off, DON'T try and make an edge on the back side it should stay flat, you will then need to go back to the bevel to work the burr off that side. I then take a board with a piece of leather glued to one side and apply some polishing compound, green stuff, and strop the knife. The chisel edges that I have are among the sharpest knives I've ever owned.

Hope this makes some sense,

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With slight differences, the methods I use are the same as Gary´s, and they should work for you. I suppose the knife you are trying to sharpen is flat ground and has no secondary edge, right?