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Chit Chat About Guns,,Reloading ,Ect

Discussion in 'Backwoods & KFU Custom Handmade Knives' started by bacustomknives, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. ac700wildcat


    May 24, 2011
    I think an Ed Brown is every 1911 fans dream to own one day. Whatever I end up getting might end up with some custom work someday. I have an RIA right now that leaves a lot to be desired. I had originally wanted to get some work done to it, but decided that if I'm gonig to spend some money on one, I may as well start out with something decent that might hold its value better.
  2. maturin


    Mar 17, 2010
    I'm going to drift this back a little, but I have to say CZ makes a mighty fine pistol -- I have the PCR, the alloy-frame version of the 75b compact.

    Here's mine, with it's big brother -- Remington Rand slide on an Essex frame:

  3. ac700wildcat


    May 24, 2011
    I was looking at a 75b a while back and decided to put one on layaway, but when I asked to do so, the place had just done away with their layaway program. They definitely make some nice guns. Right now I'm trying to come up with the cash for a S&W M&P 9. I haven't seen it, but the guy says its like new and only wants $350 for it. I'm waiting on a couple pictures and if they look good, I'm hoping to pick it up. I have and M&P 40, but the gf can't shoot it because she has a bad wrist, so I'm hoping she can handle the 9. If she can't handle that, I guess she will just have to stick with the 22 for a while.
  4. bigcountry1315


    Aug 3, 2009
    I have a Springfield loaded 1911-A1 and let me just say it has been reliable right out of the box. I have never had a jam with this gun and I shoot everything through it. Now talking about handgun hunting that gets me fired up. I have 2 Ruger Super Blackhawks in 44 mag both with 5 1/2 inch barrels. I just bought a Ruger Super Redhawk in 454 Casull with a 7 1/2 inch barrel. Not that my 44 mags could not handle everything I hunt I just always wanted a 454.Let me just say I love that gun! I have pretty much everything from 22 LR to 454. For protection I carry either my Glock 22 or 23 in 40 cal. Nothing against other guns just it is what we carry at work and in a SHTF situation you will always resort to your training!
  5. foxx


    Sep 5, 2010
    I'm trying to talk my Brother into NOT going with the RIA 1911. He is convinced that with some upgrades it will be just fine. I agree with wildcat, if you're going to put money into it, go ahead and start with a better made 1911. Seems like $1000 would be a great starting price for a reliable 1911, Springfield Loaded is what I'd be looking at.
  6. ac700wildcat


    May 24, 2011
    Whats everyones reloading setup? I have an rcbs jr press from who knows when. It belonged to a friends father in law and after he passed away my friend gave it to me for like $25. Its a tank of a press and works really well, but I get primers everywhere when I deprime any amount of brass. I replaced a Lee aluminum press with it after breaking the links on it a few times. I'm looking at getting a Lee classic cast press and adding the Hornady lock-n-load bushing conversion kit to it.

    I have a few scales. The one I use the most is the RCBS chargemaster dispenser. It was a bit slow when I got it, but I found some instructions online to speed it up and its great now. I have a smaller RCBS 750 scale that I double check powder weights with, but it wanders quite a bit and I have to reset it quite a bit. I keep meaning to contact RCBS about it to see if theres anything that can be done, but I keep forgetting.
  7. KFU

    KFU Part Time Knifemaker, Moderator

    Sep 10, 2007
    I forgot this thread was here! I agree on starting with a good stock 1911. Springfield makes a couple that work great or even a used 70 Colt. I almost bought a Dan Wesson Valor a couple years ago and wished I did. What a great looking gun. I have shot a CZ 97 a few times and really like it for a .45. Im thinking of getting one. Its more accurate than any stock 191 Ive shot but its thicker with the double stack. If you like CZs check out Angus Hobnels site. I think its called Ghost Products or something. He is a CZ shooter but also is a gunsmith. He does some great work.
  8. Gnarly


    May 12, 2010
    Until 3 years ago, we used an antique Herters press.Then some Herters collector with a big mouth and an even bigger wallet made me an offer...

    Now: Redding Big Boss II press and a jewelers scale I sto I mean bought at an estate sale....it'll weigh an ink pen dot, on a sheet of paper....a new RCBS 10-10 scale that RCBS sent us free when they no longer had parts for our old RCBS....powder measure is a micrometer measure we ordered from C4d (the Poor Man's Harreld Powder Measure!), a Hornady brass prep station, the updated version of QuikLOAD/QuikTARGET on a laptop that lives on the loading bench, and a couple dozen of the Hornady Lock-n-Load conversion bushings.....one on the powder measure, one on the press, and the rest on our most-used dies.

    If you take out the rubber O-ring, they make dies changes rapid...and predictable.
  9. ac700wildcat


    May 24, 2011
    I've only heard good things about the lock-n-load bushings, its good to hear more. I'm looking at getting a different case trimmer setup. Right now I'm using the Lee setup and would like to go to something with some adjustment. I think the one I want is from Sinclair, I can't remember exactly what its called offhand, but it gets great reviews. Once I get myself a custom rifle, I'm thinking about getting setup to do some neck turning and a few other things to try to improve accuracy. I would also like to try a sonic case cleaner. I've heard they really clean out the insides of the cases and the primer pockets really well.

    Typing this reminds me that I should get on the search for some 45acp brass and get to loading. I've had 1,000 200gr swc's sitting here for a couple years that I would like to get loaded up. I worked up a nice target load with some of them when I got them and never got around to actually loading too many of them. I could be loading up some 9mm, glass bedding a 30-06, and I'm sure a ton of other things too. Guess I'll have to get after it one of these days!!
  10. JUST1MOR


    Oct 19, 2010
    Folks, I hate to admit it but I only own 2 .45auto.'s. One is an H&K model USP, great gun, great accuracy, never a bit of any type of problems with it, but it is just a "tad" bit to big in the grip for Sally T. to hold on to. The other one is a Kimber Tactical Entry II that I stol, uh, bought from a "friend" going thru a divorce. He wanted $600 for it, & I could not write the check fast enough or get a bill of sale made up. This gun has way more accuracy than my hands or eyes will ever get from it. 2 liter soda bottle @ 15-20 yds. & I feel damn lucky. Again, no problems with any type of ammo, no jams, no misfires, nothing. And the only thing I have had done to either of them was just a quick trip to the gunsmith for a "tuning" & "polishing" of parts and pieces. He said the Kimber is damn near "good to go" right out of the box.
    I have had a Dillon XL650 for about 12 years now and have not had a bit of problem with it other than when I first got started and was calling Dillon's customer service every other day about setting all the stuff up. The first thing you want to do if you buy one is to get one of their Strong Mounts & a Roller Handle. It will save on the palm of your hand, trust me . . . I also have the Quick Change with the tool head, dies, and powder measure set up for my 9mm, .40cal., .357, and my .44mag. As time & $$$$ permitted, I added the auto case feeder & changer plates for the above calibers, automatic primer feed, low powder alarm, bullet and case trays, & Sally T. added a cover for Christmas a few years ago. I've used one of their D-Terminator electric scales I picked up second hand and it has worked like a charm. I also have an "antique" RCBS slide bar scale from the late '70's to check it with. And I am just like A/C, seems like there is never enough time to really get everything done that I want to get finished. I have been working on my gun room for over 3 years & it's still in it's "construction stage" . . . . :)
    Be safe.
  11. Gnarly


    May 12, 2010
    Just exactly how many pieces of mixed-headstamp but once-fired .45ACP wouldja be interested in?
    And be careful how you answer....Gnarly & B'rers have several....plus a handloading friend (who sells us 50# bags of tumbling media for $14.99!) deals in brass by the palletload.

    If I can help out,I will!
  12. ac700wildcat


    May 24, 2011
    Well, I think I would be good with 400 or 500 pieces of brass, but then the more on hand the better you know. :p I think I might have 100ish rounds loaded up and would like to at least have 500 ready to go. Its nice grabbing a box and heading to the range without having to worry about having to load more for next time. I usually shoot 50-100 rounds through whatever handgun I take to the range, sometimes more.

    That jewelers scale sounds pretty darn accurate. Knowing the way I am, it would have me pulling one piece of powder off at a time to make it perfect tho.

    Just1, I only have the one 45, but I would also like to have more. I have now put the $ away to pick up a new 1911, but for some reason I just can't spend it now. I'll probably wait until this spring until I get a new one.
  13. russianpolander

    russianpolander Gold Member Gold Member

    May 23, 2011
    A .308 is one of my favs. Usually I have my Browning Micro Medallion. It has a Kahles 3-9 scope and I've had it for @ 10 years or so. It is a looker too.Very accurate and has never let me down.As far as a "one caliber" I would go with the .308. Many loads to choose from, if you buy over the counter, and great knockdown power.I have a fairly large collection,or so my wife says, and I almost always grab the Browning.

    On the topic of .22 calibers my favorites are a .22 Winchester Magnum model 9422M and an Anschutz model 1416D in .22. The magnum my dad got me in the late 60's. It is lever action tube fed with a 2-8 Bushnell scope and is super accurate for a lever. My Anschutz is about 8 years old and carries a Leupold 2-8 scope and again, is very accurate.
    I use either one of these two the most for small game. I have a couple dozen .22's and these are my sweethearts. The magnum has also taken a bunch of deer.Not just headshots either so I would be confident in an accurate .22 magnum if it was my only gun.

    Summing up: .308 would be a great choice and if you go with a .22 don't forget the Winchester line.

  14. mrn8


    Jun 8, 2007
    50# of tumbling media for $14.99? Man, I'm getting ripped off!

    I'm happily loading everything on (2) Lee Turret presses. My accuracy with 45ACP went way up when I started loading my own, as opposed to using WWB or Magtech range loads. Now I'm loading 9mm, 38/357, 40s&w, 45acp, 44 Special, .223, and .308. It's always satisfying to have great success on the range or in the field with the round you loaded yourself.

    Here's the 2 handguns that really got me into shooting. A Springfield 1911 GI and CZ 75B Compact:


  15. KFU

    KFU Part Time Knifemaker, Moderator

    Sep 10, 2007
    Love the CZ mrn8
  16. Mountain Wildman

    Mountain Wildman

    Aug 29, 2010
    I'll join in, My current babies:



  17. KFU

    KFU Part Time Knifemaker, Moderator

    Sep 10, 2007
    Love that Kahr Joseph! I have the cheaper CW9 but its still a great gun. About the perfect sized gun for EDC
  18. ac700wildcat


    May 24, 2011
    I've got the CW9 too. It shoots very well, but can really chew up your hand if you shoot a lot with it. I bought one of the small hogue rubber sleeves and slid it over the grip and it made a huge difference. Now the only probem is that eventually the rubber gets eaten through by the handle too, so you have to change them once in a while. I think they are called the Hogue Handall Jr.

    Mt Wildman, I'm really liking the stainless Ruger and the Sig. I've always wanted a Sig and almost had a 229 for a really great deal, but missed out on it as I was trying to gather up the money for it. I think the guy wanted $525 or $550 for it. It had night sights, extra grips, trigger job, and I think it had been coated with one of the really good coating systems.
  19. mrn8


    Jun 8, 2007
    Yeah, that Ruger is beautiful! I was lucky enough to come upon a crazy deal on an Uberti Cattleman (Colt SAA replica) this year, but haven't used it much. It's been just enough to know that a nice single-action revolver is definitely on my bucket-list!

    The CZ 75b compact was a Christmas gift from my sister and her husband and now that WI has joined every other state (save IL) in allowing CCW, it's been riding along side every day. It's very accurate, points well, and everyone I've let use it falls in love with it. I may replace it, however, with a polymer 9mm and reserve it for special days or the range. It's every bit as heavy as my FS 1911.
  20. Stratmeister


    Feb 6, 2009
    My setup is all over the place. I use a 30+ year old RCBS Reloader Special that still works fantastic, and I have two Lee progressives for 9mm and .45 ACP.

    I just picked up this little (not!) gem...

    SW329PD Alaska Backpacker.jpg

    (sorry for the lousy cell phone pic, but click it and it will enlarge at least...)

    It's a S&W 329PD Alaska Backpacker. Scandium frame, stainless cylinder, .44 Mag. This thing is awesome. I was a bit leary about the light weight and the recoil of .44 Mags, but it's not nearly as bad as I expected. It kind of recoils backwards, not with a big muzzle rise. I had a Simply Rugged Sourdough Pancake made for it and got their Chesty Puller harness, you could carry this thing all day and hardly notice you've got it on. It is excellent for what it's named for, backpacking.

    The double action pull was pretty rough for the first couple of hundred rounds so I bought a Woolf spring upgrade kit and did a trigger job as the trigger, hammer, and rebound slide needed a little cleaning up with a stone as most new guns do unless from the Performance Center. I stayed with the standard power mainspring since it's a 'self defense' gun and you need that positive primer ignition, and put in a 15' rebound spring. It is now officially 'awesome' with smooth pull and excellent double and single action trigger feel.

    I pulled out the .44 dies and made up both .44 Special and Mag handloads and was again surprised how accurate a 2.5" barrel could be. I'm not going to be shooting at 50 yards or anything like that, but I guarantee that anything hit with my 240 grain hollow points will be knocked off it's stride. You know those damn charging squirrels can be dangerous...

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