Chive Handle question

Apr 16, 1999
I was just wondering what the handle scales were made of, Because I think that they would look really nice if I could get them anodized to a dark green color.
I assume they're aluminum, but I couldn't find their webpage to confirm it. How do you like the knife, by the way? If they are aluminum, anodizing is a bit tricky. Anodizing aluminum basically opens up pores on the surface of the material and hardens the surface at the same time. To color the anodized layer, a dye has to be used. It is much easier to anodize reactive metals like Niobium and Titanium because they use only electricity to develop colors, rather than heat, electricity, and dye. If they are aluminum, there are anodizing services around, but it would probably cost more than the $35 knife did to begin with.
I suppose stainless steel scales could be colored by torch, but good luck!
Kninfe Center has about every spec you could wish for, except, of course, the handle material.

I seriously doubt that the handles are aluminum. Pretty sure I've read before that it just isn't suited for frame lock use. Given the price point of the Chive, I'd have to guess that its handles are steel. No liners needed and it is pretty small, so it doesn't seem too surprising that they could keep the weight at around 2 oz.
Bugs, I didn't know the knife was a framelock. No, aluminum is not appriate for framelocks becaiuse it has a definite fatigue life and it doesn't like to flex much. Used to see cracked aluminum mountain bike frames all the time when I wrenched in a shop in college!
The handle is 410ss heat treated to 43Rc. The chive is a difficult knife to make as no doubt you see, due to the solid and thin handles ,no liners so it took a little thinking to figure out how to install the speed safe