Chive & Scallion picture


Oct 3, 1998
Not a review just a picture of a couple of Chives and a Scallion together.

Chive is pretty easy to use once you get used to it. Scallion is a larger version of a Chive.

Is it just me?

The Snapon version looks slightly smaller and seems to have a greater curve to the recurve.

Am I seeing things?

I just think that the lighting has something to do with it.

I didn't know that there was a bigger chive out there either.

I got mine from the Snapon guy too.
I am a bit confused here.... What is the difference between the two Chives? Besides the markings...


My Chive looks exactly like this at the bottom and it is from very first run, I'm not certain pre-production or prototype. I have got it as gift from Douglas Flagg (KERSHAW) at IWA show in Nuremberg, March 2001. The regular production wasn't set up then yet.

If the bottom knife at the picture is from the same run it should have KERSHAW logo on the clip.

Nice picture Jeff, thanks!
Thanks for the interest guys , The scallion is the same design as the chive eccept 20%larger and it has plastic handles and a linerlock.Same price as the chive.It should be on the market very soon.We have been delayed somewhat due to a problem with our raw goods.
:p :D