Choils and Delica 4

Jun 4, 2012
So, I love 50/50 choils on knives. They give excellent control. Some of my favorite knives are the Dragonfly II, Native 5 lightweight, and Boker XS slipjoint.

I desperately want a choil on my delica 4. I'm thinking of mashing the Delica 4 with a Byrd Meadowlark lock back. The Meadowlark lockback has a choil cut out of its handle and the blade is the exact same shape and length as the delica 4. I'm thinking the only work I'd have to do is grind a little off of the delica tang to match up to the meadowlark body.

I'm a fairly handy tinkerer however I've never attempted anything like this. Any thoughts?
Do it! And let us know, the problem I think lies in the lock bar, you have to "match" the lock bar otherwise it looks to be a direct swap, I'm very tempted as well but my last swap (ZDP into Ti Damascus housing) did not turn out well because lock bars didn't match and when using the lock bar from ZDP, it's taller and sticks out from the Ti scale...