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Choose the knife for the front page monthly contest

Jul 2, 1999

Hello all,
I am going to be donating a knife to the forums, when it is it's turn it will be the giveaway knife for that month. I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone have somewhat of a say as to what I donate. Choose one of the following.

1)Gerber Bowie

2)Gerber LMF Survival

3)Ka-Bar next generation fighter

4)Junglee short sword

5)Junglee military bolo

6)Fallkniven A1 survival knife

Let the choosing begin


Louis Buccellato

Hi Louis,

My vote is for the Fallkniven A1, too.



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Here's another vote for the Fallkniven.

Thanks for the chance to chose!


Fällkniven A1
It should be left to me to choose the knife 'coz I feel that I'll win the next giveaway.

1) Fallkniven
2) Ka-Bar

Great Idea, Thanks for the donation and the asking.


Fallkniven, definitely.

For the winner of the knife, I vote for ME.


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Fallkniven definately.

"Worst of all my foes, I fear the enemy within"
*John Wesley*

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!

A vote for the Fallkniven - heck, the others aren't in the same league!


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AKTI Member #A000831

Ditto on the Fallkniven

Runs With Scissors
AKTI# A000107
Your a kind man!

My pic,
6)Fallkniven A1 survival knife

(too funny! I didn't look at the other posts, but after posting mine I view down and saw that this must be the knife! LOL, we all think the same? scary!)


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it is the parts that I do understand.
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I'll stick my vote in for the Junglee short sword, 'cause I can't justify getting a cool blade like that unless I win it in a contest

I need a bigger bucket.