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chopping up computers are suprisingly abusive to my ang khola.


Apr 25, 2000
while waiting for my sirupati to arrive I got a little restless, and I got the urge to chop something. I got out my AK and started to look around the house for things to chop. 2x4?...too easy... logs?...wasn't really that cold... fire hydrant?...what if there was a fire... anyways, when i got to my garage, i finally found my old computer. An old POS dinosaur that gave me hell for a couple years. The computer was housed in a metal minitower, and that was the hardest part to get through. I chopped down on a corner and it cut through, but It put a 1mm X 2mm dent on the edge about 4" from the tip.
to get to the heart of the computer, I just stabbed throught the side and proceeded to twist the knife around in a violent circular motion to open up the gap in the side of the minitower. That put a couple of nicks of microscopic dimensions all over the blade.
then i just started to stab down into the side again to try to widen the hole.(remember everything being chopped up to this point has been metal). so far, no damage to the tip. anyways, after the hole was widened, i just chopped all the motherboards and modems and whatever was in my computer. then, I tired of this venture, and stopped. I went over the blade with my chakma and my trusty nail file, and in under 5 minutes of work, I had a usable edge.

Why i did this?... i don't know
what i do know is that the AK is a damn strong knife.

P.S. if anyone tries this at home, PLEASE remember to unplug the computer FIRST!!!!!


Farewell to twentieth century, maybe?

\(^o^)/ Mizutani Satoshi \(^o^)/
Wow, talk about temptation! If I had my Millennium Special on the desk when I read this, my PC would probably be history!
it wasn't pretty, but somebody had to do it...
I dream about doing this to my desk and computer at work after I win the lottery. Of course I would use my Mega Salyan!

I guess you could say that my ang khola is a computer "hacker" in the truest sense.
Actually, I was kind of surprised at what damaged my Ang Khola (15").

A friend wanted to see how it would shatter a glass bottle. I figured "Strange, but why not?" So I swung, the bottle was essentially annihilated through the middle of it, and when I checked the edge, there was an inch long, rounded dull spot where it hit the bottle!

On the other hand, though, it cut through a very old, dry pine 2x2 I had laying around, and I'd say the edge kept about 95% of it's sharpness, so I'd say it was just s freak accident when it hit the bottle. (Maybe it was something in the arch-like structure of a bottle since I hit it horizontally?)

Anyhow, a test some friends and I have found to be a good way to practice your cut is with 1 litre pop bottles full of water. If you hit wrong, sometimes the khukuri will just twist and launch the bottle without harming it. If you hit properly, it's almost as though you're just cutting the water and the plastic jumps out of the way.
(That is, the top pops off, but the bottom stays there, and you barely feel it connect.)

Overall, I'd say my 15" AK is a beautiful piece of work.

Before I found khukuris I preferred the boom of my elephant gun driving a 510 grain softpoint from a 458 mag thru electronic equipment. Course it hurt more. But satisfaction...

" Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you. " Carl Jung

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A time that sticks in memory is some years back, when a friend and I took his legal Class 3 licensed Thompson 1927 with the 50 round drum mags up in the hills and made swiss cheese out of an old car that had rolled off a cliff. Bigtime fun!! Felt like Al Capone.