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Discussion in 'Chris Caracci's Urban Jungle' started by Razorzedge000, Jan 25, 2002.

  1. Razorzedge000


    Jan 10, 2002
    I am a 35 yr old nc native w/ cerebral palsy since birth. I have some questions on self defense and am open to any suggestions u might have. I currently carry a G30 .45 acp for self defense; but I wanted to opt for a less lethal option when necessary. I apprentice for a blacksmith from northern MN; we designed a pair of 3.5 lb sch. 10 stainless steel canadian crutches for my personal use. I have very limited training in martial arts. I am designing a "system" using this style crutch much like the tonfa or pr24. These stix take one helluva beating and would be more than enugh to handle a given situation in the hands of a capable martial artisan. My only problem is that I cant find anyone who is willing to work with me on the project. Until I hear from u; my g30 and BM AFCK are close by....thanx
  2. Safety Guy

    Safety Guy

    Mar 9, 2001
    I normally wouldn't jump in before CJ answered, but it seems he may not be here for ????...

    Plus, I'm not really addressing your question so much as asking for clarification.

    Do you already have these crutches made? It sounded like you did, but then you stated that no one "was willing to work with" you on "the project." "Crutch project" or "martial skills project?"

    I also don't know exactly what a "3.5 lb sch. 10 stainless steel canadian crutch" is, although I think it is a variation of the "forearm strap with handle crutch." Am I right? Obviously, I don't know the lingo, and perhaps CJ doesn't either. Clear this up now and when he returns, you should get a good answer more quickly.

    Oh yeah, I'm also a "cane kinda guy," so obviously I'm attracted to medical-implements-as-weapons. :) In fact, one of my projects (some day soon) is to "beef up" my cheap Rubbermaid aluminum adjustable cane. As is they can thrust and block okay, but are not suitable for swinging like a club. However, with a 3/4" O.D. STEEL lower shaft, he he he...:D

    Anyway, hope CJ comes back soon. :(

  3. Razorzedge000


    Jan 10, 2002
    Sorry. Crutches are already made. lofstrand type; not copy.
    Most are adjustable. These are not. Schedule 10stainless tubing was the construction medium in 1/2 in OD. Tensile strength is 250,000 lbs./sq in. Individually they weigh 3.5 lbs apice, I have walked
    on my arms for 35 years. We are considering modifications including bayonet and .410 shotgun when we market them, Cuffs are 3 in stainless pipe. A life time crutch/weapon. U can use it and walk away!!

    I was more concerned w/ the martial arts end of the "stick":rolleyes:
    there isnt a teacher with salt enuf here in wnc to train a hadicapped student. Sure if u wanna learn some candy crap and pay enuf for it theyll teach u: I want as close to real effective street stuff as possible

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