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Mar 6, 1999
Wasn't there a Chris Reeve Knife Forum?? Was it discontinued? What happened?
Was the Reeve forum at a different location onthe web?
Am I loosing it??????????????

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I don't know, but I hope it comes here.
They used to be at <>.
Attractive knives and people behind them.
But where they existed was like kissing a lady with a fever blister.

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Thanks Bill, & StJames. Guess I got Blade & Knife forums mixed up.
What amazes me is how fast I got 2 replies to this thread. It's about as close to "chat" as you can get.

Thanks again guys.

"Walk softly and carry a big stick"...TR

greenie, no problem, it would be nice to generate a little more trffic over there. Tell Gary I said Hello and Best Wishes.


Greenie-I agree that it would be nice to have a little more traffic over there. I keep checking the CRK forum and my light bulb is always dim! With the Saint-like status the Sebenza seems to have, you'd think that Chris would be bombarded with posts!
ptpalpha, I think most of the questions and concerns in specific manufacturer forums (like CRK's) are about problems and the latest products. People have very few problems with CRK's knives, and their product line grows, but very slowly so that's my .02 on why his forum is kinda slow. It is about the only thing I check over there.
Why not give'm a forum here?

Ron Knight

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Root-I never thought about that. You're probably right. And I think it would be great to have a CRK forum here at BF, if only to let us ramble on and on about why we love our Reeves!
We would be happy to open a CRK forum here. It is up to Chris and Anne Reeve. The offer is on the table but it is up to you all to convince them that this is the place to be.

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Mike Turber
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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

They are at knifeforums, which rules it out I guess.

I'd like to see Cold Steel up here, but they won't.....